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Board of directors of Eshragh institute of higher education

Definition of Board of Directors:

According to article 10 of the management regulations of universities and higher education, research and technology institutions, the Board of Directors is the second Executive pillar of the Institute.

Composition of the Board of Directors:

Name and Surname


Responsibility in concil

Dr. Ali Gelyani

President of the institute

The head of the council

 Mr. Javad Diljani

The head of the directorship and the monitoring and evaluation department

The Secretary of the Council

Mr. Mohamad Shadkami

Vice President of education and graduate studies

Member of the council

Mr. Amirmohamad Hosein nia

Supervisor of management and resources expansion

Member of the council

Miss. Shadi Langari

Vice President of research and technology

Member of the council

Mr. Mahmood Dastjerdi

The manager of students and cultural affairs

Member of the council

Tasks and powers of the Board of Directors:

  • The partnership and the actively accompany in setting the strategic plans of the Institute based on the visions, the country's development programs, academic and comprehensive programs of the country submitted by any of the Ministers of Parliament to The Islamic Consultative Assembly in order to submit and approval on the trustee Board:
  • providing the necessary substrates for the realization of the goals of the strategic plans of the Institute;
  • providing the proper groundwork in order to make the resolutions of Supreme Council of cultural revolution, the Board of Trustees, the regulations and directives communicated circulars from the Ministry of science, research and technology and other competent authorities administrative;
  • reviews of regulations, structures, guidelines, style sheets, Order of proceedings and other cases submitted by the Vice-Presidents and the Council of the Institute in order to share to the Board of Trustees and other competent authorities;
  • proposal of the annual budget to Institute Board of Trustees through the Chairman of the Institute;
  • diversity to the financial resources for the Institute through the attraction of the people’s help and increasing the dedicated revenues through educational, research, technology, cultural and other resources services after obtaining necessary permissions from the Board of Trustees or other competent authorities;
  • the president of the Institute’s proposal of distribution and allocation of fellowships and short time training and research courses to the Ministry inside and outside the country that according to the regulations are awarded to Educational and Research members;
  • evaluation and approval of suggestions offered regarding the educational, cultural, social, political and physical education activities which has been provided based on the annual calendar of the Institute;
  • Monitoring and keeping track of the, educational, cultural, political, and security reports by Coordination with other relevant organizations to achieve the results;
  • review and assessment of the procedure of implementing the decisions of the Board of directors by the subsidiary units of the Institute and the monitoring of their performance;
  • evaluate the performance of different areas of the Institute and the cyclical review of the reports of the Council of the Institute;
  • Establish the necessary coordination between the different parts of the Institute.


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