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The board of trustees of Eshragh institutions of higher education

According to article no. 3 of the regulations of management of universities and institutions of higher education, research and technology, the board of trustees is the most basic part of the higher institute that its duties and powers has been characterized in the law of establishment of the board of trustees of the universities and institutions of higher education and research (enacted in the sessions 181 and 183 of the supreme council of the cultural revolution dated 1989/2/28 and 1989/3/14)  and also in the law of the procedure of trading and financial affairs of universities and institutes of higher education and research(  enacted in 1991/1/8 by the parliament).

The board of trustee members:


Name and surname

Degree and field of study

Academic rank



Siyamak Rah Peyk

Phd in private law




Ghasem Shabani

Phd in private law

Assistant professor



Reza Norooz Zadeh

Phd in math

Associate professor



Hadi Azami

Phd in political geography

Associate professor



Ebrahim Hajiani

Phd in social science

Associate professor



Asiye Badranlooyee

Specialized medical doctor




Mohamad Rezaee

Master the principles of fiqh




Mohamad Taghavi

Phd in persian language and literature

Associate professor

The representative of the minister


Mehrdad Ebrahihmi

Master of political sciences


The representative of the governor

  duties and powers of the board of trustees:

  • Approval of the internal regulations of the board of trustees;
  • Suggesting the president of the institution to the minister of science
  • Approval of the company profile and structure of the institute and necessary regulations according to the suggestion of the president of the institute
  • The examination and approval of the current, research and development budget of the institute
  • Proposal of the development plan to institute founding board for investigation and legal procedure
  • Determining the auditor and official treasurer of the institute and also specify the people who have the right to open bank accounts, with the institute of finance and credit institutions and al-hasanah funds and the right to withdraw from those accounts.
  • Confirmation of the accounts and annual balance sheet of the institution with regard to the report of the auditor of the institution and sending it to the founding board;
  • Attempts for attracting donations and possibilities of natural and legal persons
  • Approval of the employment regulations of the institution staff and the salary tariff and benefits approved in the framework of the relevant rules and regulations;
  • Proposal of the expansion or liquidation of any field of study of the institution to the funding board
  • Approval of the regulations of formation of the institute council
  • Approval of the financial and trading regulations of the institution, and its administrative ways
  • Approval of the students tuition rate and guidelines on how to get it to the ministry of science;
  • Approval of the admission capacity that the president of the university suggests for a course of study or a year and sending it to the council of expansion of higher education for final approval;
  • Approval of getting facilities from the banks and credit financial institutions and getting al-hasanah  from natural and legal persons according to the proposal of the founding board
  • Dismissal of the president of the institute.
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